Natalia Alexandrova

psychologist & sexologist
Консультация психолога-сексолога
Welcome, dear friends!

I have been occupied with psychology since 2014. During this time, I have identified for myself those areas of work in which my help is most effective and to which I feel called.

Like any psychologist, I went through my personal therapy and I continue it. On my own example, I was convinced of the effectiveness and importance of psychotherapy for each person.

I treat my clients with great respect and trust. For me they are brave and strong people who decided to take their lives into their own hands and to make changes for better. Even if now they feel weak and crushed, inside there is a huge potential hidden.

They are not afraid to bare their soul, meet their fears, pain, shadow sides. Their determination allows "on the way out" to get a qualitatively different life, to free themselves from the ghosts of the past, to establish relations with oneself and others. If you formulate in a nutshell: Become happy!
Working with the human soul for me is like working with a garden.

Some plants bloom and smell.

Some wither away from inattention, improper care or pests.

Some have not yet ascended and are dormant under the ground, hiding their potential and beauty.

Some have become covered in cobwebs in the far corner, because we do not want to see them and pretend that this is not found in our garden.

In the garden there are weeds, the seeds of which have taken root without our knowledge and desire.

* * *
During session, a person turns into a gardener who with my help and support leads his garden in the best possible way.
My methods

Psychology is a plastic, constantly developing field that offers a wide range of methods and techniques. As an expert, I constantly improve my skills, follow the new developments of my colleagues. Fluency in English and German allows you to get acquainted with direct sources and the freshest materials. I work in a multimodal approach. I am familiar with many basic directions, with the principles of their work, with their strengths and weaknesses. For each individual person and case I use the most suitable methods.

Психология - пластичное, постоянно развивающееся поле, которое предлагает широкий спектр методов, техник. Как специалист, я постоянно совершенствую свои умения, слежу за новыми наработками моих коллег. Свободное владение английским и немецким языками дает возможность знакомиться с прямыми источниками и свежайшими материалами.

Я работаю в полимодальном подходе. Я знакома со многими основными направлениями, с принципами их работы, с их сильными и слабыми сторонами. Для каждого конкретного человека и случая использую наиболее подходящие методы.
I work in therapy directions:
Emotional-imaginary therapy (EIT)
Internal Family System Therapy by R. Schwartz (IFS Therapy)
Art-therapy (Metaphoric assotiative cards)
Transactional analysis
Gestalt therapy
Cognitive behevirial therapy
Нейро-лингвистическое программирование
Психоаналитическая терапия
Есть похожие случаи, но нет одинаковых. Каждый клиент и его опыт - уникальны. Невозможно иметь один ключ к решению проблем всех клиентов. Гибкость и творческая смелость, опирающиеся на фундаментальные знания, - неотъемлемые черты специалиста, который работает с человеческой психикой.
Наталья Александрова