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Psychological & Sexological help
by Natalia Alexandrova
I am Natalia Alexandrova, psychologist & sexologist.
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Before start therapy, take psychological tests online and get results on your email.
Before start therapy, take psychological tests online and get results on your email.
Question about session, duration, confidantiality, payment etc.
Phone, social nets, messengers, address, e-mail
Me as a spesialist, as a personality. Methods of therapy I use.

Which problems I efficiently help to solve:

ADDICTIONS may make your life unbearable, reducing the quality of life. Love addiction, sexual addiction, religious addiction, gamling, food addiction, shopaholicism, masturbation, porno addiction, changing of partners and others non-chemical addictions.

AGGRESSION worsens significant relationships with loved ones, can lead to loss of work.

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) has a negative background impact on our lives. Getting rid of the consequences of PTSD is an important step towards returning to a full life.

FEARS, FOBIES and ANXIETY - effectively eliminated and no longer poison your life.

I successfully work with SUICIDAL inclinations, searching for the meaning of life. Exit from DEPRESSION.

Working out with the feeling of RESENTMENT and GUILT. It is especially important to work out the resent against parents and ex-partnerts.

Envy, slander, sadism - the root of these complexities in each case is dealt with and solved.

TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS - relationships in which you feel bad, but you can not stop them, or with a new partner everything repeats. What to do and how to restore yourself, so that it does not happen again..

VIOLENCE and PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMAS. The topic is not simple, intimate, painful. I support those who have suffered violence in the child, adolescent or adult state (emotional, physical, sexual, economic), those who are in the zone of military conflicts or survived the catastrophe.

LOSS OF CLOSE PEOPLE (death, parting): the topic is sad, but this difficult stage is desirable to survive, to experience so that the pain of loss becomes a light sadness and you could live and enjoy life further.

SEXOLOGY is an important and in demand sphere of my interests. MY MISSION is the harmony of a person with himself, with his sexuality and with his partners.

I work with themes of fetishes, BDSM, female anorgasmia, homosexual couples.

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In my practice I've dealed with a lot of problematic causes. It's not easy to make me feel embarassed or unprepared. That's why I react with understanding for wishes of people and their way of living.
Frequently asked questions
How long does the session last?
60 minutes
How shouldI pay? When to pay?
Bank card, PayPal, Qiwi Wallet, cash. Payment is to make before online session.
Do you do therapy via Skype, Watsapp, Viber, pfone?
Yes, I do. However, some techniques require your voice or the ability to see images.
I do not want to show my face. Only audio is possible??
Yes. Approximately 40% of my clients I have never seen in person. Most often it concerns sexual questions.
Is it confidential?
Yes. If you want to share your case with others, I will do it with your permission with the change of recognizable details.
How many sessions are needed?
It depends on your problem. Some problems may be solved during 1-2 sessions. Mostly it is 8-15 sessions. Deep therapy takes about 30-50 hours.
Working with the human soul for me is like working with a garden.

Some plants bloom and smell.

Some wither away from inattention, improper care or pests.

Some have not yet ascended and are dormant under the ground, hiding their potential and beauty.

Some have become covered in cobwebs in the far corner, because we do not want to see them and pretend that this is not found in our garden.

In the garden there are weeds, the seeds of which have taken root without our knowledge and desire.

* * *
During session, a person turns into a gardener who with my help and support leads his garden in the best possible way.
Let's make the world happier and more harmonious, ladies and gentlemen! Unfulfilled desires lead to neuroses, aggression and many bad things!!

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